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Introducing our "Rotary Cares - Manningham Shares" project

Updated: Sep 5, 2022


The Rotary Club of Manningham has been a long - time supporter of Ajani, CareNet and Doncare,and the Emergency food programme. We will soon be launching regular collections of non-perishable food from the Manningham Community.

The “Rotary Cares – Manningham Shares” project will assist greatly to ensure food security for the neediest in the Manningham Community. The need for food relief will increase greatly over the next few months as the effects of the COVID-19 shutdown become evident.

Why are we doing this?:

To assist City of Manningham vulnerable residents who are facing emergency food requirements.

How will we do this?:

• The Manningham municipality will be divided into pockets of 100 – 200 households.

• Rotary Club of Manningham volunteers will drop off reusable Shopping Bags to these households for residents to place non-perishable food items. They will also be provided with flyers containing relevant information about the project, what food items are required, sponsor information and pick up schedule.

• These bags will be picked up 1 week later by volunteers from the Rotary Club of Manningham.

• The shopping bags with non – perishable food items will be delivered to the food relief pantries, where volunteers will sort and stack donated non – perishable food.

• The food relief pantries will be available for the distribution of food to Manningham Residents in need.

If you would like to get involved or have any questions - please contact us

Project Information
Download PDF • 2.80MB
Non perishable food we need
Download PDF • 9.33MB

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