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Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Earlyact is a service Club for primary school students and our club sponsored and chartered its first early club in October 2018 at Donburn primary school. Its mission and operation are closely linked to the ideals of Rotary. Earlyact Clubs strive to promote goodwill, understanding and peace through the active participation of their student members, so that with committed citizenship and effective leadership they may improve the quality of life of their school, local and global communities. Involvement in an Earlyact Club teaches values such as caring, respect, responsibility, tolerance, compassion, friendship and leadership. EarlyAct also teaches the students skills that they will use as they move through their school and professional life such as, meeting procedure, working in committees, event organisation, budgeting and money management and public speaking.

Rotary world-wide has a commitment to fostering the Youth of our communities. All Rotary clubs have a focus on programmes benefiting Youth and Manningham is no exception.

One of the Youth programmes that Manningham Rotary sponsors is an EarlyAct Club. Our EarlyAct Club is hosted by Donburn Primary School.

What is Earlyact?

EarlyAct is a service club for Primary School children in grades 5 and 6. Its format is similar to a Rotary Club in that they have office bearers and Avenues of Service; being International, Community and Intra School. The EarlyActors are encouraged to do a service project in each Avenue of Service each year. The EarlyAct year is based on the school year.

The purpose of Earlyact is to encourage students to gain an understanding of their local and international communities and identify where they can make a positive difference. It is the Rotary’s role to mentor the students so that they can make best use of their resources to complete their projects. This involves assisting with project planning, finding resources, fundraising, promotion, working as a team and working within the framework of the school community.

The students are amazingly resourceful and are enthusiastic to fulfil the goals they set at the beginning of each year. The year of COVID has been particularly difficult, but the EarlyAct members have, under their own iniative, completed a project of preparing an E-Recipe Book with the funds going to those affected by the bush fires.

The EarlyAct Club of Donburn Primary has also recently been awarded the Rotary District 9810 Environmental Award – Bronze level. This was awarded for organising and administering a day set aside to promote the plight of endangered animals of the world.

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