A word from the president

Good Morning All, Apologies that the newsletter did not come out yesterday. It was such a lovely day I couldn’t resist the sunshine. I hope you take advantage of the nice weather. I find the sunshine lifts the spirits in our period of isolation. Last week we had a very interesting speaker in Ursula Callahan who “zoomed” in from Limerick in Ireland. In her presentation Ursula referenced some resources to trace ancestry in Ireland, which she has sent to me. If you require any information from Ursula’s talk please let me know. This week we will hear from Kira. Please invite any past members you think would like to hear from Kira. There is also a cluster meeting on Wednesday with the wrap up of the footy competition. Doncaster have been able to secure Paul Kennedy – the ABC TV Morning Show sports presenter. Paul is well respected in his field and an accomplished speaker. The night will be a packed evening with a Footy trivia quiz on offer as well. Proceeds of the footy competition will go to REAL – a disability support group in Manningham. To supplement the proceeds of the Footy Competition there will be a small charge of $10 for Wednesday night’s meeting and there is an online Raffle that you can support even if you are unable to attend on Wednesday night. The complete details are available later in the Newsletter. Please note the details supplied by RC Doncaster published in last week’s newsletter were incorrect. Thankyou Dean for organising next Saturdays “Wine Appreciation” fellowship event. For further details please contact Dean or Soula. It is difficult to organise events while in isolation. I am sure we all appreciate and thank Dean for the time he has taken to organise this event. You may have also noticed that our website is constantly being updated by Dean and Soula. Our Club image is important and keeping our communications up to date is time consuming. Thank you, Dean and Soula. I am looking forward to catching up with you all on Monday night. Take care and stay safe, Kathy